"When you assemble the right players with the right attitude, anything is possible." - Mitchell T Deitrick

On July 31st 1987, Mitchell Thomas Deitrick was born in Columbus, Ohio. In his earliest years of childhood, he traveled the world and acquired a deep appreciation for culture and diversity.  At age 13, his passion for music and collaboration was sparked when he received his first guitar and bass.  During high school he began a self propelled journey into all genres and instruments but funk, soul, jazz, blues and reggae settled in as personal favorites.  

Primarily self taught, Deitrick has molded his craft through countless collaborations, from studying under Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna) to playing alongside many artists including Evan Oberla and Jon Lampley (OAR, Allen Stone, EOP), Dan Shaw (The Werks), George Barrie (Mojoflo), Jesse Henry (The Spikedrivers), and Jessie Barr (The Floorwalkers).  

Playing bass with very diverse projects, live and in studio, has become the standard.  LadyBird & The Throwbacks, a Soul, Pop, RnB and Hip Hop cover band is Deitricks most recent endeavor as bass player and band leader.  In the same way his reputation as a power house player continues to grow, so does his drive to create a unique musical experience for the world to hear.